Why is tennis essential? 

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Throughout 2020 and 2021, the Tennis Clubs have been insisting on how necessary Tennis was for our lives. To begin with, from the logical point of treating sport as an essential part of people’s health. Before, what could keep us off the track could be an injury, whether it lasted days or weeks, we counted the days to return as soon as possible. Now the challenge is different, it is not a particular pause, it has not been a specific case of just one person, sport has been completely paralyzed, until recently… Sport has been recognized as essential, because sport is more of a solution than a problem.

Sport heals, it cures diseases, sport is used to improve injuries, sport works to treat diseases such as depression or anxiety, a person who plays sports is stronger and happier. In an article in this same blog we talked about the benefits of tennis. Tennis today is an excellent option to stay strong, with a high spirit right now more than ever. This sport allows us to practice it outdoors, in small groups in a large space and without physical contact with other players, it certainly seems like a gift at this time…

Tennis for the little ones

We love the basic school, the children who discover the sport with us, the little ones who come running with a huge smile so that we can learn together and discover a wonderful sport that will accompany them for the rest of their lives. It is extremely satisfying to receive messages from parents when they tell you that their children are counting down the days to come to class, to play, have fun and improve. We are really lucky in the groups that form, each group seems to fit perfectly so that each class is unique.

Children deserve to be able to have the same opportunities as others in a safe environment, they deserve to develop their body coordination in a world that is more digital than ever, where social and mobile networks are beginning to be truly addictive. Teach him and give him this gift that will value him all his life. We can’t wait to see our little tennis players learning new strokes again.

Tennis in the earliest stages teaches essential values ​​for the development of a person as well as promoting individual responsibility and self-esteem.

We’re all looking forward to it

Holger Rune

We coaches constantly receive questions from players who are eager to return, when they leave work or study and know that their body is crying out for them to play again. Many of us have seen how much it can do to spend 1 or 2 weeks being sedentary and that is that we are not prepared not to play sports. Tennis keeps the mind and body busy, which makes us sick less and feel better, basically tennis takes care of our physical and mental health. There are many ways to entertain yourself and stay busy, but it is important to level the hours we spend sitting watching a series, TV because they have a direct impactif we do not complement with physical activity. 

The sport that resists

Tennis is a complex sport with so many details that it is always updating, evolving and adapting to the needs of each person and society. As many categories as requested, wheelchair tennis, tennis for players with visual disabilities, for mini-tennis, tennis adapted to what each person needs to enjoy.

In this crisis, we have dedicated the break time to give free theoretical classes from home for its students, to create new training systems that adapt to the needs of our groups and spaces.

On the other hand, we have taken every detail point by point so that in the midst of the health crisis we could carry out physical activity in the safest way that could be organized, proposing new tickets so as not to coincide with other clubs, more open spaces, etc, etc… And the most beautiful thing is that the experience in each class has continued to be wonderful. For a moment the mask is worn, but it is no longer noticeable, the distances remain, but we feel united as a group and every minute of each training session we are free and happy with every moment that we can enjoy.


Finally, and after sport has been declared essential, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and begin to prepare for the resumption of classes with enthusiasm. For us this has been like going down 0/6, but we started the 2nd set breaking serve with 1/0 in favor… Now it’s time to keep working hard because this game is ours.


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