How to work in the world of tennis?

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Tennis Physical Trainer

The physical trainer knows the specifications of the players he is in charge of at his fingertips. He builds personalized training adapted to his players. The physical trainer must have real knowledge of anatomy, physiology, dietetics, and biology. Contrary to popular belief, the physical trainer does not only focus on periods of physical activity; recovery periods are also very important. The physical trainer works closely with the player and the coach, moving regularly during tournaments and living at the rhythm of the player.

Training: How to Become a Tennis Physical Trainer?

Several training courses exist to become a physical trainer, such as DUEPP (European University Diploma in Physical Preparation), INSEP physical trainer capacity certificate, BPJEPS, DEJEPS, License and master STAPS with specialization in 3rd year sports training, and Specialized University Diploma offered by certain Faculties of Sports Sciences. It is important to ensure that the training is recognized by the State.

Salary: How Much Does a Tennis Physical Trainer Earn?

A tennis physical trainer just starting out can earn around $1,500 net per month, and this salary increases significantly over the years.

Tennis Coach

The profession of tennis coach is above all a vocation. It is practiced mostly in the open air and offers diversified missions that allow you to meet many different types of personalities. A tennis coach may later lead a tennis club.

Training: How to Become a Tennis Coach?

To become a tennis coach, three prerequisites are required: a minimum ranking of 15/2, preparation for selection tests, and high-level coaching and teaching experience. There are various state certificates and diplomas available for this profession, such as the State certificate of sports educator: 1st degree tennis (BE1), State certificate of sports educator: 2nd degree (BE2), State diploma of youth, popular education and sport (DEJEPS) mention tennis “instructor,” and Higher State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport (DESJEPS) mention tennis “teacher.”

Salary: How Much Does a Tennis Coach Earn?

The salary of a tennis coach ranges from $10 to $22 per hour, depending on seniority.

Chair Umpire or Linesman

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Becoming a chair umpire in tennis can be quite complicated. It requires climbing the national ladder and obtaining recommendations from major organizing bodies of tournaments. There are three main levels to achieve: Level A1, Level A2, and Level A3.

Training: How to Become a Chair Umpire or Linesman in Tennis?

Chair umpire training is accessible to everyone by contacting your club or the President of the Regional Arbitration Commission of your league.

Salary: How Much Does a Chair Umpire or Linesman Earn in Tennis?

The most experienced chair umpires can earn between $1,000 to $4,000 net per month.

Tennis Player Agent

The tennis player agent accompanies and advises tennis players, acting as the intermediary between clubs, players, women’s tennis, and federations. Their main mission is to negotiate contracts, manage communication and the athlete’s image, and collaborate with lawyers when needed.

Training: How to Become a Tennis Player’s Agent?

The profession of tennis player agent requires a license issued by the FFT (French Tennis Federation). The exam is divided into two parts: one organized by the Interfederal Commission of Sports Agents and another organized by the FFT Sports Agents Commission.

Salary: How Much Does a Tennis Player Agent Earn?

The remuneration of tennis sports agents is calculated based on a percentage deducted from the contracts negotiated for each player.

Product Manager (Research & Development, Tennis Specialization)

The research and development center in tennis encompasses various professions, including technicians, engineers, and product managers. The sports product manager is responsible for developing concepts, establishing strategies, and managing marketing, communication, economics, advertising, and design.

Training: How to Become a Sports Product Manager?

Several training courses exist for the profession of sports product manager, including AMOS (business school exclusively focused on sport), master’s degrees in marketing, management du sport, sales, and marketing sportif.

Salary: How Much Does a Sports Product Manager Earn?

At the start of their career, a sports product manager can earn between $1,500 and $2,500 gross.

Sports Doctor

The sports doctor is interested in the physiology and biology of sport and can specialize in practices like tennis. They deal with athlete aptitude, issue medical certificates, and work on areas such as doping, cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies.

Training: How to Become a Sports Doctor?

The profession requires a diploma of specialized studies (DESC type 1 over 2 years) obtained after 6 years of medical studies and internship.

Salary: How Much Does a Sports Doctor Earn?

A beginner sports doctor can earn around $3,100 gross per month, which can increase significantly throughout their career.

Sports Physiotherapist

Sports physiotherapists play a crucial role in the recovery and rehabilitation of top athletes. They require extensive knowledge in sports pathologies, physical and physiological preparations, nutrition, chronobiology, and electrotherapy. They can also specialize in micro-kinesitherapy.

Training: How to Become a Sports Physiotherapist?

To become a sports physiotherapist, one must complete the state diploma of masseur-physiotherapist prepared in 4 years in an approved public or private institute.

Salary: How Much Does a Sports Physiotherapist Earn?

In the public sector, sports physiotherapists can earn between $1,700 to $3,000, while in the private sector, the salary can exceed $3,000.

Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologists analyze people’s behavior in a sports context. Their work is increasingly important for optimizing athletes’ performance.

Training: How to Become a Sports Psychologist?

Several master’s degrees are available to become a sports psychologist, such as a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Sports Psychopathology or a Master’s degree specialized in Sport Psychology.

Salary: How Much Does a Sports Psychologist Earn?

A beginner sports psychologist can earn between $1,500 to $1,850 gross per month.

Tennis Equipment Seller

Tennis equipment sellers are responsible for selling products related to the sport, requiring extensive knowledge of the products and their specificities. They play a significant role in the shop’s turnover, and there is potential for growth to become a store manager.

Training: How to Become a Tennis Equipment Seller?

Training options for tennis equipment sellers include a Bac pro commerce, commercial BTS, professional license in the marketing of sports products and services, or attending a business school with a sports specialty.

Salary: How Much Does a Tennis Equipment Seller Earn?

Tennis equipment sellers can earn between $1,480 to $1,999 gross per month.

Falconer (The Original + for the End)

Falconers are responsible for releasing birds of prey into the sky to deter pigeons from flying above tennis courts. They are an attraction for the public and do not require specific training, although internships and learning from professionals are advised. A hunting license is necessary.

Salary: How Much Does a Falconer Earn?

A falconer can earn around $1,130 net per month.

Ball Boy

Ball boys are young volunteers who participate in tennis tournaments. They are selected through a rigorous process, and their involvement is driven by their love for tennis. This role is limited to individuals between 12 and 16 years old.

Please note that the salaries and specific requirements mentioned above may vary depending on the region and specific circumstances.


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